Change background color

Is there really no one who can help me?
I thought we were there for each other,

I have a question about the background color of a watch face
I want to make a face for myself and I want to be able to change the background color of that., or by means of a button or by an adjustment with a menu
I want to change the color to another color, For example, by pressing a ghost button at the top of the watch face
Now I manage to replace the color for a different color but that happens when I press anywhere on the watch face, doesn’t matter where, but I actually want that in a specific place on the watch face

can someone explain to me how ? I see so many dials where that is possible so it is possible, I just don’t know how, I can’t figure it out, thanks in advance

Hi Peter,

I believe that this is going to be something in Wear 4 so be patient for a few more weeks.

I believe but haven’t tried it that with Photoshop you can create an invisible object with a hole in it and place that the layer above the background and make it a tap action that replaces itself. then if you hit the hole area it will change the background (assuming you have Tap action to change media for that…

If you can’t do that then the only way to do it now is using Styles /Themes for your background.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi, I guess you added some background image and made it swap for another color image by tap. Since it covers whole face, the tap sensitive area is the whole face.
If its like that and you want just a portion of the screen to respond with background change, here is my idea, but I do not have WFS on this PC so I cant verify it yet. You could add one (or more) shape above the background layer to partially cover it, make it transparent and assign it an empty action by tap. In WFS only the top most layer reacts, so only the uncovered part of your background will work for color change since then. Even if you add another action to such “buttons” only the uncovered part of your background layer will react to the touch.