TAP to change background

Hey all!

So I searched through the forum and found lots of posts on it not working correctly and whatnot, but not the code itself. Would one of you great folks ‘lay it on me’?


rename attached file to .wfs and check it in the WFS.
There is example with background image that can be tapped to change.
(Also the hands can be tapped to disappear, but that is example for another topic on here)
TapAnything.zip (669.0 KB)

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Thank you SO much - I appreciate it!

To have more fun.

Select one of the gradient images from the examples in WFS as your background
For Action click to change and add and two other the gradient images from the examples in WFS.
And one solid color one make it white.

Now click on Style and add several Theme colors.

use theme color for background

Now when you tap on it the gradients change left to right or top to bottom for example, or no gradient.