Best way to access sensor data locally


Can someone help me understand what is the best way to access raw sensor data locally on a Samsung Watch 4?

We’re going to need to develop an app that won’t have access to the internet and will need to fetch the sensor/health data and send it to another device either via bluetooth or wi-fi so that further processing can be done on it.

Some APIs I’ve seen seem to need the app/device be connected and synchronized with some external service, like the samsung health. And some doesn’t seem to provide access to all health sensor available on the watch.

Check out Wear Health Services and it points you to a repository on GitHub

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Hi Ron! Thank you for the quick response.

I’ve taken a look at this documentation before, but it seems that this API doesn’t provide access to some health sensors, like Blood Pressure and Oxygen Saturation.

I don’t think you can do blood pressure from a watch doesn’t that require the restriction of blood flow?

The O2 level is a proprietary algorithm no a sensor data you would need to create your own. I don’t know if that is shared with a Health Privileged Partner or not but it may be. If you are in the US or most of Europe you can apply for tath.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Will look into that. Thanks!