How to measure real-time blood pressure in Galaxy Watch 4,5


I recently received approval for the partnership, so I am using sdk.

I’m going to make an app that measures raw data blood pressure in Galaxy Watch 4 and above.

But unfortunately, sdk doesn’t seem to provide the ability to measure raw blood pressure data

I think the only way is to use the built-in blood pressure measuring app on the Galaxy Watch 4 and above to check that blood pressure is recorded on the Samsung Health Monitor app and get that data.

However, there is no way to collect raw data on blood pressure, not sure if it is raw data or not.

Or should we use ppg or ecg raw data to implement an algorithm to find blood pressure?

Is there a way to get raw data blood pressure?

I’d like to know how to get raw data using only Galaxy Watch without using or linking a mobile phone.

Do you have any plans to provide a blood pressure measurement function in the future?
If you have a plan, how long will it take for the feature to be available?

Thank you.

I think this has to be licensed by country and only available with Active2 in Korea at this time.

Samsung Health for the Wear OS based watches uses Wear Health Service and there is some blood pressure items in the Wear Health Services API did you look into those for your app?

Samsung Developer Relations