Watch face rejected because the app is not searchable in the store!?

My watch face got rejected because it was not searchable in the Galaxy Store.

Yeah that’s because it is not in the Galaxy Store :man_facepalming:

This must be a joke.

Haven’t heard that one, you’ll probably need to submit a Seller 1:1 and ask for more details.

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I’m guessing big time on this. I agree the message is very vague.

To me it looks like you have uploaded a watch app that uses something from the phone. But you have it as WPC (without phone connection).

I’d be very interested in what the 1:1 Enquiry response is.

Samsung Developer Team

It is a watch face, it does not need a phone connection at all.

The reviewer is just being very vague, I resubmitted. Hopefully it will be accepted