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I’m trying to share a watch face on the Galaxy Store. The system asks me to upload a binary file, unfortunately I don’t know where the binary file is. Please help.

They are not accepting new applications to be a Watch Face Seller Partners
In addition they are not going to accept new Tizen based Watch Faces and Apps after the 8th of February.

You can still design and build for your own personal use using Galaxy Watch Studio. (I strongly urge you use the “previous version” Galaxy Watch Studio 2.0.0 unless you are on a Mac Computer.

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@r.liechty_SDP I understand that it is no longer possible to upload the shield to the Galaxy Store?

I think there is an error in translation in “the shield”
Several years ago they changed the policy so all Watch Face sellers had to be a partner status and have signed agreements

They haven’t removed the apply hear for new sellers but you can’t apply any more.

No new Tizen binaries can be uploaded to the Seller Portal at all after Feb 8th.

Oh yeah, the binary is the .tpk file.

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@r.liechty_SDP So I can’t be a partner anymore? To upload upload a shield.

I guess technically if they wanted to you could apply to sell Wear OS based Watch Faces for Galaxy Watch 4 & 5 in China. I doubt that happens.

You can design watch faces for the Wear OS based watches and upload them to Play Store. Use Watch Face Studio for that.


I have a Galaxy Watch Active and I can’t download from the Play Store.

How can I send an apply ?

I said if they (the watch Face Reviewers) wanted to. The do not take unsolicited applications.

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