What is binary and how do i find it for watchfaces

i cant seem to find binary in workspace in galaxy watch studio every time i press bulid it bulids the tpk but not the binary

You posted this under Watch Face Studio which is for Wear OS and uses a Android Package (APK) and Android bundle (ABB) which are the binaries for that.

But you asked about Galaxy Watch Studio and that creates Tizen Pakcages (TPK) which run on Tizen based Watches (Galaxy Watch 3 and older).

If you have A Galaxy 4 or 5 watch then you want Watch Face Studio.

Samsung Developers Relations

k thanks but how do i upload it or i cant i selected the galaxy active 2 in the upload watch face to store and it will still ask me for binary

You can’t upload Tizen apps to Galaxy Store anymore not even for Beta testing.

You can only sideload (Run on Device) for your personal watch. Do not use GWS 2.0.1 but use the previous version Galaxy Watch Studio 2.0.0. I can help you if that is what you want to do.

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