Binnary Certification Problem

Hi, i am new here. i am a Commercial Distribution Seller and want to upload a tpk file to store via binary but it says “The binary cannot be registered. You do not have permission to register an application to the Watch faces category.”
Commercial Distribution Seller: Ok
Author certification: Ok
Distrubute Certificate: Ok

What’s wrong?
Thank you.

Samsung Watch Face Sellers is a closed ecosystem and only approved sellers can upload to the store.
See this page for information. You have two weeks to apply in this approval cycle.

If you have any questions after reading that page you can follow up here. I can help.

You can upload Tizen app binaries but not the watch faces even if you use Tizen Studio.

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Thank you for your help.i started to prepare my portfolio.

i preparing my portfolio and i want to ask that, will i add real photo image of my five watch faces applied to a watch or can i add the images which i generated via Galaxy Store Asset Creator?
Thank you.

I would do both read the tutorial for additional resources.

Samsung Developer Program

Thank you :+1: :pray: