Binary Upload Error - Watch 4 [Galaxy Store]

First of all, my apologies if this topic is repeated.

Thanks to Ron and Peter (your guidance has been awesome) I have successfully converted a TPK and rebuild it on WFS. Test and run the .aab on my device last 12 hours. All functions and shortcuts worked flawlessly as I have set.

Referring to the below image, may I seek information for the error and/or am I using the right platform to upload .aab / .apk files in Galaxy Store?

[PS I understand that Wears OS on Galaxy Store is only accessible for China market only]

Rename your .tpk file to correct format name like mywatchface.tpk without space, underscores or hyphens.

You only upload .tpk files to Galaxy Store an only for versions prior to Galaxy Watch4. Do not include the Android selection.

Since China doesn’t allow Google Services the only way to sell a Samsung Galaxy Watch in China is to use the option you selected. If this is to upload to China then you need to be sure to have all information in Simple Chinese and not include any other countries.

For the rest of the world you upload your .aab files to Play Store. The TPK converter should help you do that.

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I see …

Ok got it, loud and clear.

Thanks again.

Hi Ron, I have:

  • chosen Simplified Chinese as the default language
  • added only Simplified Chinese as a language in “App Information”
  • selected only “China” in the advanced part of “Country / Region & Price” (and I also removed the tick "When Samsung Galaxy Store becomes available in more countries / regions or with more payment options, your applications will automatically be sold in those countries / regions. "
  • selected only 396x396 (Galaxy Watch4) in the “Add Binary” popup and NO at the point “Google Mobile Service”

Even doing all this I keep getting the error in the subject of this topic and therefore I am unable to load my .aab file per Watch 4 Chinese users.

How can I solve? Thank you and good week end

I’m not sure if the Galaxy Watch4 is available in China at this time. I’ve seen other reports where users can’t upload to their binary or it was removed after it was uploaded.

It may also be that there are two resolutions 396 x 396 and 450 x 450 (larger Watch4 and Watch4 Classic). And so it isn’t accepting either. You should ask the seller portal on a 1:1 enquiry.

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I added a face to a Chinese store today. It is waiting for approval. I only set the Chinese language in the description and name. I did not change other parameters and sales regions either. We’ll see what comes out.

Hi, Ron!
Did I understand correctly?!
It is not possible to upload a project created in “Watch Face Studio” to the “Galaxy Store”. This project has the extension “.aad” and “.apk”, since this project was created for “Android”.
The watch faces uploaded to the “Galaxy store” must be created by the “Galaxy Watch Studio” and then converted to “Galaxy Watch Studio Converter”.

Is everything all right?

I am sending the WFS version of the apk to the Samsung store. Everything works without conversion. This is how I send it.

Thanks, the .apk downloaded after I simplified its name.

You can only upload the Android binary for the Chinese store since Google is not allowed in China.

You can not select it for the 360 x 360 Round Tizen Watches or the Fit2 Fit Pro2 Watch categories. Those need to be designed in GWS for Tizen.

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