How to upload watch face at galaxy store

Please help me . I’d like to upload my first watch face at galaxy store. (I have my seller acc too) but I have no idea how to export .tpk file at WatchFaceStudio. any one can help me?

This is the forum for Wearos and Watchfacestudio. WFS creates AAB files and these are uploaded to Google Play Store. With WatchFacestudio you can not create a TPK. TPK are only created with the GalaxyWatchstudio.

Thanks alot. So you mean I have to upload at googleplay first. thanks

Watch faces created for GW4 using WFS have aab extensions for the Google Play store and apk. We send apk files only to the Chinese Galaxy Store.

No, that’s not what I mean. You have to decide … either AAB file in the Google Playstore or TPK files in the Galaxy AppStore. Both are different. Google Playstore for Wearos and Galaxy Store for Tizen.

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To clarify what the others have said.
For Galaxy Store for Gear S3 to Galaxy Watch3 Models use Galaxy Watch Studio
These are published for distribution on Galaxy Store.
But there is a chink in the process. To publish a watch face on Galaxy Store you have to be approved as a Watch Face Designer and that rarely happens now. However, you can run them on your own watch without being published.

For Galaxy Watch4 and newer version then you use Watch Face Studio
Those are published distribution on Play Store.

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i got it. thanks for clear reply :heart:

Me too wanted to know and want to upload thanks for sharing i got it.

Hi Ron. I too want to know about the procedure since i bought an active2 44mm due to poor battery life of watch4classic 46mm i get nothing above 24 hours.since my wifi adb is generally always on for watchface testing.

I want to know i have a developer account for last 2 years of samsung . I checked it says you can publish free watchfaces but for paid you have to apply with documents for corporate seller.

As mentioned in your post you said it rarely happens that a new watchface seller is approved. I couldnt find any more info about how to become approved watchface designer for tizen.

Please shed some information about it Thanks in advance. Or any links.

Look here:
Design Review

You have to apply during the “Open Window”. I did this 4 times and each time I got rejected for no reason.
Much luck.

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Yes I found that when I have debugging on and forget to turn it off the battery life is very poor. With my Active2 I’d get 2 days often 3 days before needing a charge.

You can build for your own use but I believe even watches that are free need to be an approved watch designers. You may want to go with a 3rd party watch face aggregate store if you want to “sell” your watch faces.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thankyou very much thats the answer i was looking for . Youve got to apply in this wndow as you said, and then only few pass.

Next window opens in Feb lets try then maybe we get a chance to pass :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Submit 5x designs
  2. SUBMIT a pdf with details of why how and what you design with ref of previous work degrees and certificates.
  3. And then pray that you pass just like a test :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Ron

the idea of selling third party is intriguing . People are selling Huawei watchfaces via Telegram app.
My main focus is wear os . I plan making some for my Huawei fit watch and active 2 44mm

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There are 3rd party tools such as WatchMaker and Mr Time that have their own tools and store. But They also sell standalone watch faces on Galaxy Store and Play Store and App Store.

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