Bitmap bug

Bitmap is synced to add new custom text. For example, an hour with one bitmap, minutes with others can no longer be done. The value of the already added text is automatically set.

Could you please share any file or steps to understand the issue more clearly?
You can report it if you sure this is a bug.

When a bitmap is set for some text or digital time, it is no longer possible to add another text with a different set of bitmaps. There automatically appears already added bitmap in the previous text.

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Thanks for your time. :blush:
Now I can understand the issue :smile:

I have found a solution from the Samsung developer support team. Here is the reply
"Previously, bitmap fonts had to be set to individual components, but now bitmap fonts are managed on a project-by-project basis and can be selected and used by each text component.

You can make and use new bitmap font by below way.

main menu > Project > Setting > Font > Bitmap font > Add Bitmap font

properties for text component > TEXT APPEARANCE > Select Bitmap Font > Select selection list for font > Add Bitmap Font "

This solution is worked for me. You can try this.

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VERSION 1.2.5: BITMAP Send to watch 4 is not display

I think you should check again because for me it’s working perfectly okay :smile:
If you face problem please share a file :blush: