Problems with using bitmap font

I couldn’t use numbers when I specified it as a custom function in bitmap fonts. I think it’s a functional error.

I did manage to create a number of faces using bitmap fonts but ended up making new images 450x450 and add these to each number was no issue for me. From my experience if I import from GWD it just does not resize each image and leaves them blank so started again. This flipclock is working 100% now with 12H and 24H

Numbers from 0 to 9 specified in bitmap fonts are well used.
I want to customize more than 10 numbers, but I can’t.

I can see text sting option is also working for me.

I am glad to see it works. Just out of curiosity, why was there a bitmap font needed? I think the splitting line could have been added above text field.

Oh, thank you.
I found the cause.
Enter a number and type the Enter key to cancel the input.
It must be clicked with the mouse.

The default value of the enter key appears to be set to ‘Cancel’.