Bluetooth synchronisation between gearS2 and Samsung phone


I want to know how is it possible to connect and transfer datas (steps, heartrate) between my phone and my gear s2.

I am developping with cordova and javascript.

Many thanks

Short answer is No, it is not possible now.

Longer explanation is that in order to access the Health API you need to be a Samsung Health Partner (Tizen OS) and that is no longer open for applying. Samsung Partners are for Wear OS powered by Samsung developers not Tizen OS developers.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

I am developing an application for diabetics and I would have liked to add the number of steps as well as the calories burned by the user during the day. Could you support a request for me to benefit from the Health SDK?

Many thanks.

You can do steps it is part of the Tizen API there is an example code here Page Example | Tizen Developers

You can’t simply do burnt Calories it is impossible because everyone has different metabolism. What Samsung Health (and all fitness apps) have is Active Burnt Calories because they measure the heart rate over the time period body mass and other information to determine how many calories are burnt. Also, they can measure sleep calories when there is minimal activity again you can use the Tizen sensor API to do that.

If you buy a newer watch. There are some cheap Wear OS watches you would use Health Services which has an API for this. It may be the best route for you in the long run as Tizen based Watches are not going to be retailed much longer if they are. Gear S2 is extremely hard to find even in online auction sites.

Samsung Developer Relations

Many thanks Ron.

Have you an example for Web/javascript ?

I don’t think there is an example but go to or Github and look for examples there.

Samsung Developer Relations