BUG: 12/24hr format issue on GW6 / Wear OS 4

Hi All,

just an update …

I’m receiving reports from new GW6 / Wear OS 4.0 users that often the watch faces only show the 12hr format in the time even if of course the 12/24hr automatic switch is set in the watch faces…

They are forced to reboot the watch or swap with another watch face to restore the correct format used, based on their phone settings …

There seems to be some glitch to fix on Wear OS 4.0

Happened to me once on WearOS 3.5 as well.
It happened since the Galaxy Wearable app was updated for adding the GW6 watchfaces.

Great to know. Thanks

yes, this error seems to be present in WO4.0… I think the watch has a synchronization problem with the phone at first boot. we have to manually switch between the 12/24 hour time zone.