Watch face rejected. Missing screenshots for customizable permutations

Google rejections are driving me crazy. A new type of rejection I have encountered that I am not sure how to fix.

This particular watch face does not have any complications or any other customization feature (apart from the 12H/24H time format). So I am clueless about what kind of permutations Google identified and now is trying to force me to include in the Wear OS screenshots.

Has anyone experienced anything similar? Any help is welcome.

I have not received that error myself, yet, but I have only submitted 2 watch faces so far. However, one of them does support 12 and 24 hour time. I don’t know exactly what you submitted in your case, but here is what I did, and it seemed to work.

According to the store listing setup form, I had to provide at least 4 screenshots of the watch face. So, I provided 2 circle and 2 square screenshots to show that the face could be used on either form factor. I also took a screenshot of the “active” mode and the “always on” mode for each form factor.

If you have also done this, maybe they also want to see screenshots of the face showing 12 hour time format and 24 hour time format to prove that it supports both? Now that I think of that, maybe I should add more screenshots to my own watch face listing to show the 24 hour time support too! :slight_smile:

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what is your background color for those screen shot. share both screen shot here. also mention size and LxW

I got rejected for not having more than 1 Wear OS screenshots for customizable colors. Maybe Google wants you to show Wear OS shot of the 12 AND 24 time??

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So I did some experimenting with Wear OS screenshots and finally passed the Google bots inspections.

I basically added more screenshots showing various changes in the watch face looks - 12H/24H time formats, battery icon changes (full to low battery, charging), etc.

So it’s not that we are required to provide all of the “active user customizable permutations” as described in the issue, we need to provide as many screenshots as possible showing any different watch face design changes the user will be able to see even though it won’t be customizable or consciously configurable for the watch face users.

TL;DR: provide as many Wear OS screenshots as possible depicting available watch face states and different looks to make Google Gods (bots) happy and to reduce the chance of getting the app rejected.

N.B. submitting appeals is useless because the bots just re-run the same pipeline checks and automatically reply with the same exact email adding no additional details or value. Google employees usually do not participate in the appeals to support Google Play developers.

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