Error displaying world time 24:00))

Hello friends, colleagues, Samsung team and Ron!

Recently, users have been sending feedback regarding complications (Long text) and so, when selecting the “World Clock” widget in the widget, when midnight comes, instead of, for example, 00:36, 24:30 is displayed, I have not found a solution to this problem, I hope the community here will help , Thank you!

But the most important thing is that if you open the world time widget, everything is displayed correctly.

Do you think there is a quick solution?

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I’ve seen other reports of the world clock using Quasi-Military time instead of ISO 8601 Standard time This has nothing to do with WFS but the is the World Clock provider for the complication. There is a set of complications called Complication Suite which has the zero zero : format along with many other useful complications. I don’t remember if there was a charge for it. @amoledwatchfaces

Watch Face Studio offers both options.

Samsung Developer Relations

It’s still completely free and open-source :slight_smile:

amoledwatchfaces/Complications-Suite-Wear-OS: Complications Suite - Wear OS app (