Bug? Multiple Hand Styles on Default AND AOD


My question here is:
Is it currently possible to setup different Hand Styles for the always on display AND! the Normal face?

Normale mode: Hands with multiple hand styles.
AOD mode: Different Hands also with multiple hand styles?

I am able to setup this inside the program but on the the preview section i cant’t see the AOD hands as Dropdown to switch between the hands. Without the watch i am not able to test it on the real device :frowning:

Maybe a bug?


Matze - styles4you

Hi matze_styles4you,

I can’t find the background, index color, and AOD BG as your image. On my side, only have a hands option.
Could you please share the exact steps to show all options?

Every image what you put into your project can be set up with different styles.

Just click the image layer and go the styles option. Press the “+” and add another picture. With that you will get another drop down, where you can switch between the graphics. :v:

I tried to follow your instructions but it only shows like the image below, no index color nor AOD:
I’m just a beginner at this tool. Can you tell me more details, please?
Thank you.

Rename your image layer like you want. The layer name will be the drop down name.

I will send a picture later.

Ah, I did it. Thank you so much ^^
In your question, do you mean, you can set different hand styles for Normal and Always on, right? Because I see that my hand styles are the same between Normal mode & AOD mode. And AOD hand styles can change normally as dropdown.

An example:
Create 2 separate hour hands.
One is just in the normal mode visible. The other is just in the AOD mode visible.
Your are able to create max. 6 styles for each of this objects. The image files can be different between AOD and normal!

The only thing what you need to keep in mind is that the user can NOT switch independently the styles. That means when he using “Hand Style 05” for the normal view he will using automatically also “Hand Style 05” in AOD Mode.

Example Background:
You can make an Background Image which is “only” visible in the Normal mode and set it up with different styles.
For AOD you could create also an Background Image which is only visible there and set it up with different Styles.

So the User can switch between different background styles in the AOD and in the normal mode (independently).

BUT there is a huge disadvantage in customization for AOD currently. In the preview screen (customization screen) on your watch you only will see the Normal Mode layers and never the AOD layers. So the user will not see how the AOD will look like. He have to set it up press ok and than he have to check it.

Maybe they will improve this somewhere in the future but currently this is what you are able to do when you wanna handle AOD customization.