Bug report(tonemap curves doesn't work) and questions about camera2 api (Galaxy M51)

Device: Galaxy M51, 8 gb ram version.
Version: Latest

1- Bug report: These keys don’t affect blue and red channels but works properly with green channel and this causes a green tint on resulting videos:

In this example tint is more noticable in dark areas because i applied a curve similar to gamma 2.8.

This bug affects main camera. Ultra wide and front cameras doesn’t support tonemap_curve. Macro camera is not available in camera2 api.

2- Camera2 api does not report macro and tof cameras. Will they be available in OneUI 3.0?

3- This device uses a few CaptureRequest keys that are not available in Android documentation like these:

Is there a documentation about all available keys?

4- Snapdragon 730G supports 10 bit video recording with rec2020 color gamut. Is there a way to do that? I couldn’t make it work with mediarecorder api. rec2020 is not necessary but I would use 10 bit to recover highlights.

I think you might get better assistance if you submit a support request here.