(Bugs) [MIN_Z] - [HOUR_xx_Z] bitmap fonts error on Arabic Language


Some of our users that use the Arabic language complain that the digit is not showing on their watch. FYI, our watch faces use bitmap font for digits and only sets support EN-US language as a default.

After checking all of my watch faces, some hour digit is showing and some is doesn’t. Apparently, it is only affecting digits that use leading zero tags ( [MIN_Z] [HOUR_0_23_Z], etc).

Steps to reproduce the bugs :

  • Add a digital clock time component
  • Set default language English
  • Use [MIN_Z] or other _Z tags
  • Set as a bitmap fonts with 0-9 digit images
  • Deploy on the watch
  • Change watch language to Arabic, the digit will show blank

The current workaround is using tag expression to add leading zero

Warm Regards,
USA Design

This bug has already been reported and I believe this is to be fixed in the next release. I expect the release in the near future but it isn’t scheduled yet and things get added that cause delays.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron, looking forward for the new update :slight_smile: