Language bug

One of my watch face users has reported a bug related to language. The hour appears normal, but the minutes are displayed according to the phone’s settings. I examined the watch face in the Watch Face Studio and didn’t find any specific language settings for minutes and days. However, according to the user’s screenshot, it appears in the local language. Is anyone else experiencing this issue, and any suggestions for a solution would be greatly appreciated? I’ve attached the screenshot for your reference.


I also have the same problem with most Arabic languages. HR, steps, moonphase are not displayed. Had already posted it but did not receive a solution.

For minutes and seconds I set English default in the language settings. But HR, Battery, Moohphase there are no language settings. The hours are determined by tags or 12/24 p.m. in the timeline. So they are displayed correctly.

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If you haven’t please report this as a Developer Support Request

Also is this all Arabic countries or just some?


Hello Ron. Only Arabic languages Algeria, Tunisia, U.A.E among others, Libya and Marocco are displayed. Everything is displayed here. The remaining Arab languages are not displayed.

I reported it to the developer support

Hello Ron. The developer support works on it

I have received few emails from users of my watch face indicating that the numbers in the output are being truncated, despite providing ample space around the text. This issue seems to occur specifically on large-screen watches such as the Galaxy Watch 6 (47 mm), and is limited to certain fonts. I have been unable to replicate this bug on normal 42 or 44 mm watches. The problematic font in question is “bahnschrift.ttf”. Is anyone else encountering this problem?

According to Microsoft
Bahnschrift’s premiere feature is its implementation of Font Variations along two axis—weight and width. With five pre-set ‘instances’ along the weight axis, and three ‘instances’ along the width axis

Maybe you are giving it too much space for the bigger watch face and it goes to the wider instance of the font.