Build Fail: Workplace is Not Writable

Okay so this happens whenever I try to either run on device or publish the watchface. For context, I use a Galaxy Watch4and I’m on the windows platform. I am also trying to use an animation in the form on an image sequence vs the typical .gif or .webp formats because the animation was apparently unsupported. I don’t have much coding or dev background but I figured I could make a watchface pretty easily thanks to WFS. I’ve tried to find others who encountered the same issue but I guess I’m the only one? I understand the paths for publishing could be wrong but I got the same exact error when trying Run on Device over WiFi debugging so I’m not too sure what’s happened.


in the pancake menu Preferences
what is your Workspace path set for it sounds like that is not a writable directory.

The workspace must be in the same User path as WFS is installed in.

You need to have your windows as English and region as English preferably as US English, because the WFS program uses scripts that are dependent on English only characters.

Windows Key - search for Language Settings.

If it is nearly one of those get the main.log from this folder

If you can’t see what this issue is then I can contact you with a private message and you can send it to me to look at.

Samsung Developer Relations