Can not Run on Device on GW4

i try to run the design on device but i have MSG
Build fail

What version of Watch Face Studio are you using?

I think this is a path issue and it can’t find the expected bundling tool.

Did you install WFS in the default c:\USERS\Username folder as a single user or multiple user version.

And do you have Android Studio installed?

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am using
WatchFaceStudio_1.4.20 and WatchFaceStudio_1.5.7 same
am install WFS in default path
yes i have Android studio

My guess this is the same issue that they have when ADB of possibly the bundling tool; is in the path outside of WFS. Then WFS will try to find a tool in relative path and can’t it generates an error.

if you open the log
It may have more details on where the error is.

If you can’t tell then create a developer support and include the log with that.

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main.log (20.3 KB)

I have exactly the same problem
I installed a new Windows and after that I installed the WFS 1.4.2 , the same problem still exists.
i am using Galaxy watch 5 pro.
Please advise.

When I first updated to WFS 1.4.x I noticed that there was a long time after I pushed the run on device before my GW5 Pro popped up a notice to allow debugging. I think it was 30 seconds. After that it should remember your computer and there is no notification after that.

If that isn’t the issue but you are getting the invalid bundler I think it is because the bundler changed in an update. But I don’t see anyone else reporting the bundler error.

Let me know and I can help you more.

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Did you submit the log to Developer Support?

There are two versions of the bundling tool and the older version was not being accepted by Play Store so they updated this in the WFS 1.5.7

There is a topic on the forum where there are a link to WFS 1.3.13 older version.
What I would suggest is that you uninstall the newer WFS 1.4.20 or WFS 1.5.7 Beta

Then install the WFS 1.3.13 version see if that builds and bundles for you.

Then update your 1.3.13 version to 1.5.7 (because eventually it will be updated to Wear4 too)

I am hoping that the 1.3.3 leaves remnants that allow the build.

If not and you are not planning on uploading to Play Store anytime soon. Just build an APK or don’t do a build at all and just run on the device.

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i install WFS 1.3.13 (work)
after update to WFS 1.5.7 (same problem)
uninstall it then install WFS 1.3.13 (work)
after uodate to WFS 1.4.20 (same problem)
uninstall it then install WFS 1.3.13 (work)

windows 11

i was found the problem
have to change windows language to english

now all version work

Tank you so much
the app work now


Thanks, I was hoping since this was isolated because so many others just updated an older version.

Did you install this for one user. I see that you have this path in the script
C:\Program Files\WatchFaceStudio\tools\common\key\debug.keystore
instead of

Unless you need this other users on your computer can you try installing it to you USERS folder (Single User) and set it up again.

If that works and your one for all users doesn’t that tells us our bug :slight_smile:


Never ever thought of that :slight_smile:

I’ll stop worrying now :slight_smile:


The language for Windows 11 is English, but it still gives an error message
log file Link

problem solved
The following should be controlled
1- The language and region must be English
2- The Regional Format same as regional (English)
3- The time of the computer must be the same as the time of the Galaxy watch.

I’ll upload this as a bug.

The time must match is a constant. I think it is a security feature.

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I got a response on this. The issue is that they use a script to build the bundle and if the language or region is not in English then the names of the paths don’t match.

I’ll ask them to add this to the requirements or add a faq.

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