Button: change color every morning + on tap

Hello, I would like to create a “button” that “lights up” once a day and turns off when the user clicks on it (1 time per day only, I also wouldn’t want the image to change color every once the user clicks on it …)
the idea is a pill, the pill would be orange when the user wakes up, he clicks on it when he has taken his medication and the image becomes gray until the next day

Does anyone know how I could do this? the idea is to remind the user that they have something to do every morning.

Thank you in advance !

Version originale française :
Bonjour, je voudrais créer un “bouton” qui “s’allume” une fois par jour et s’éteind lorsque l’utilisateur clique dessus (1 fois par jour seulement, je ne voudrais pas non plus que l’image change de couleur chaque fois que l’utilisateur clique dessus…)
l’idée est un pillulier, la pillule serais orange lorsque l’utilisateur se reveille, il clique dessus lorsqu’il a prit ses médicament et l’image deviens grise jusqu’au lendemain

Est ce que quelqu’un sait comment je pourrais faire ça ? l’idée est de rappeler à l’utilisateur qu’il a quelque chose à faire chaque matin.

Merci d’avance !

Sounds like a useful feature to have, and a tough puzzle for a GWD design.

If the patient takes the morning medicine at about the same time each day then you could attach tags to the ‘reminder’ image which becomes visible at an early morning hour, and then automatically invisible after, say, 9 AM. Not ideal, as someone may see the reminder, take a pill at 8 AM and again at 8:45.

I am looking forward to seeing what our watchmaker masters have to say about this.

You can do this if the user understands the hack.
Create two overlapping images
the top image is a button that opens an app, Water Intake
The top image then has for opacity the water intake tag
([wi] == 0) ? 100 : 0

Since Water intake resets to zero every night it will show in the morning and once they click that and change it to 1 it becomes invisible. The bottom image shows.

You could even have it for taking multiple pills with multiple overlapping images as they add water intake others show.

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Thanks, I’ll test this idea to see the result, I’ll keep you posted!