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Hello to all
sorry for my bad english but I need your help.
I can’t understand how to make small buttons to change the background, index etc.
I need tap in a small area to change the background and tap (or double tap) in other small area to change, ex., index color
can you tell me please how to do this? thank you

Look at this tutorial.
If you would want to make changeable layers that are completely overlapping each other (like separately indexes and separately backgrounds and separately numbers),
that is not possible with current version of GWD.


If your face isn’t too complicated, the easiest thing to do is place a transparent image over the image and make the transparent image a button.

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For each button? Or just one is possible?
Thank’s for your reply

Oh no!
Alternative? Only Tizen studio?
Thank you for reply

One alternative is to wait for new version, which could bring user defined variables. That feature would make it possible, once it will come. It is worked on, and should come soon, in maybe weeks or months (better later, than unfinished sooner).
Other alternative, which would need some compromises, is to make the index area somewhat smaller (not completely overlap), to allow touch to the background. Check attached example file. Just remame it from .zip to .gwd. buttons.zip (292.9 KB) It could look like this

Last option before going to tizen studio, could be to use GWD 1.6.2, which allowed to place image on one spot and let it display on another.

Peter, you’re fantastic!!
I try with GWD 1.6.2

Grazieeeeee (i’m italian :slight_smile: )

When you do, understand that GWD 1.6.2 uses the 32 bit Java SE and you will need to install it and set it for GWD there are instructions in the GWD FAQ. also you can’t have multiple versions of GWD installed.

There is a new release of GWD coming soon. I don’t know what is in it yet but doubt the option to move and tag are allowed but you might want to wait.

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If the new release brings the user defined tags, we wont need to separate touch and display area so much. We will trigger opacity of different layers with independent button. But if or when such one comes is also uncertain.

Thank’s for your replay.
I do it