Use coffee or water widget to perform actions

Hello to all.

As the title suggests, I have seen some watch faces that use the Coffee or Water widget to change colors or display an image.

For example, set coffee to one and the watch face has a color, set also the water to 1 and that color is changing.

Is anyone aware how is this done with GWD?

Thanks in advance!

yes, we discussed it already on the old forum and then again here. I just can’t find that thread there nor here any more.
It is possible to change watchface like this using tags [wi] or [ci]. It has big disadvantage, they get reset at midnight.
They can be used to control opacity or placement of elements.
Lets have 2 background images (or more). They can be inserted separately. Then opacity for one would be like ([wi]==0)*100, for the other like ([wi]>0)*100. Then there could be like two (or more) sets of watchhands, with same expressions for opacity or there could be used [ci] instad.
Advantage would be, they can be automaticaly generated same way for the AoD design.

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