Button to Move Watch Hands to 12 o'clock position

Is there any way to create a button that will move the watch hands to the 12, 3, 6 or 9 o’clock position to be able to see under lying data?

Thank you

Not all at once and not to point at same certain spot any given time.
There can be made alternative hand image turned 90 or 180 degrees that would be shown when tap on hand. More effective would be to use transparent alternative to make the hand disappear on tap.

You could also use tags to move the underlying data around the screen too… Just a thought, as I’ve done this moving the date box and date when the hands were at the 90 degree position.

Hi Peter,

Could you explain a little bit how to use transparent alternative to make the hand disappear on tap? and of course how to make it appear later.

Thanks in advance

When I think again about my suggestion, it is not so great idea. The watch hand can be set as buttons and the button action set to change image. If the other image for change would be completely transparent or contain a semitransparent version of the watch, then after tap it wont obstruct underlying details until touched another time. Problem with it is, if the touch area is narrow and limited by hand rotation, it could be hard to find when completely transparent alternative is used.

Thanks Peter for your answer.

Is there a way that after tap in the first image this can be back after let say 15 seconds?

Sorry, I do not know about such possibility in GWD/GWS. There can be multiple images (up to 99 I guess) to tap trough in one button so this would not be compatible.
But maybe could be requested as new feature: temporary button action with just one alternative image…

I guess I’ll just go back to using WatchMaker it is a lot easier to use and has far more features.