Can I test my Tizen app on my Samsung TV without author certificate

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I have developed Tizen app on Tizen studio and I want to test my app on my Samsung smart tv, so is that mandatory to create author certificate? can I run my app on TV without certificate for testing purpose? Also if not then I want to make sure that if I create certificate and create account with Samsung using these links:
Certificate :- Creating certificate | Samsung Developers
Samsung Account :-

Will it be limited to me only or it will be accessible to anyone else too in any terms? as I don’t want to make it public, as I want to keep my product within me as of now.

Can you please clear my confusion about it ? that it will be with me only or it might get public in any hidden terms?

Thanks in advance

You can not test an a Samsung TV without the Author Certificate and the Distributor Certificate. Be sure they are “Samsung Tizen” not just Tizen Certificates.

The Author Certificate tells Samsung who you are and you only need one. The distributor certificate is unique for the one television. You can have several TVs but you need to create a distributer certificate for each one in order to sideload onto the TV.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for information, so if I do create this author certificate and distributor certificate to run app on my Samsung TV then it’s only accessible to my TV or whatever TV I connect to my Tizen studio right? outsiders cannot access my app, is that correct? As I don’t want that they access it.

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Sort of right, when you connect to a different TV you have to add that DUID to the Certificate Profile (I think you can have a 5 listed (and a lot more if you import a list).

If you move Tizen Studio to a different computer you may have to create a new Certificate Profile
There probably is a way to share it within a company.

Bottom line is that no one can install your .tpk file on their TV even if they had Tizen Studio because the distributor certificate is coded into the binary .tpk file.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks for detailed information.