Heart Rate Notification Feature

Hi All, I am looking into building a feature for my galaxy watch active2 that will notify me whenever my heart rate gets above a certain point. the existing notifications is only outside the zone for more then 10 minutes while at rest. The icon does something different when you are in the max zone, but there is no vibration/sound notifications. I have coded in Python, C and Java before, but have never tried to do this and would appreciate any guidance on where to start. Which platform/API do I start with. This isn’t a project that I can just open a blank file in my IDE.

Tizen Web offers Human Activity Monitor API to monitor heart rate, stress, step counts etc. For notification purpose you can use Notification API.

To get started with app development in Tizen please check out the following links:

Tizen web application overview: https://docs.tizen.org/application/web/index

Create web app: https://developer.samsung.com/galaxy-watch-develop/creating-your-first-app/web.html

Human activity monitor API: https://docs.tizen.org/application/web/api/5.5/device_api/wearable/tizen/humanactivitymonitor.html

Notification API: https://docs.tizen.org/application/web/api/5.5/device_api/wearable/tizen/notification.html

You can also check out the following blog for complete app development:
Use Tizen Web To Measure Heart Rate With Galaxy Watches

Thank you. This helps a bit. Looking at the blog post does this mean the “HeartRateMonitor” zip file that the poster provides would be the “sample web app” and from here all I would need to do would be to edit the widget project in the zip? The heart rate monitor already exists and the APIs would allow for the reading of the monitor and the notification by coding the correct commands and sending the information to the right places to display. Could it also just be done as an add-on without a widget or does it need a widget in order to display the notification? I don’t need the data stored so does it even need a “sample web app”. Again, thanks for all the help!

You are welcome. You do not need widget application to post notification. The blog is an example of implementation of the Human Activity Monitor API. You can get started with the creating a web project and implement the APIs according to your need. You will find all the necessary links in my previous comment.