Wfs 1.3.13 | ‘run on device’ - fail

Hello folks, my apologies for creating this topic. I am looking for a workaround for specifically WFS 1.3.13 fail to ‘Run on device’ @ GW4 Classic after the latest UI update (One UI version 5.0).

I am pretty familliar with wireless setup, ADB and Wireless debugging yet unable to get WFS to detect the watch.

I’m not using WFS 1.5.7 (Beta) and have not upoaded any apps since Sept.'23. I’ve read that there are numerous issues with it over Google Play and have decided to just wait out for WFS 1.5.8 or higher.

The feedback from the “Gurus” here will be greatly appreciated.


Have you found this topic?

The answers to your question is there

P.s the detection is not automatic unfortunately. You have to enter ip into wfs by clicking the “+” sign

Thanks, I’ve read it.

Just that I’m not using WFS 1.5.7 and those prompts dont appear on my watch or device when I select “+ Pair new device”.

Hi, please read the topic/whole thread thoroughly again there are other links to follow.

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Try this link

It has the best way.

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