Error "This binary does not support IAP"


I have some companion app with has existed for many years.
Now I add new version with Samsung IAP SDK v6.0 stuff (on Android device).

On tab “Binary” I see that IAP is detected ok:
Galaxy Watch Information / Galaxy Watch IAP = Yes

BUT, on tab “In App Purchase” there is a message:
This binary does not support IAP.

This is really strange.
I suspect it checks not freshly uploaded binary but some previous one (which is without IAP, of course).

What can be the reason ?
Any ideas?


Hi Serjio,

Here is what I was told…
All binaries should support IAP.
When you try to update your app with IAP you might see that error because you are modifying the binary instead of deleting.
You should try to delete (not modify) the binary in the Update that you are working on and try to upload the updated version with IAP.
Can you try that and let us know if it is successful or not.

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Hi, Ron,

Yes, deleting ALL published versions and adding new one helped.
Even though some old versions supported some different devices.


Now new error appeared:

Invalid watch type check.
Unfortunately, the application that you uploaded has been rejected due to Gear app type mismatch.
Your application should be registered for Standalone Gear app type.
Please change your app type information and re-summit it.

For sure it is some bug on Seller side.
App is fully same with just IAP added.

Please assist.

Hi Serjio,

Which is the companion and which is the standalone app can be a little confusing.
See the Seller Portal Guide on that to determine what is the standalone and what is the Companion

If you still are having an issue you can open a support request and they can take a better look at the issue.

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