Can we not access com data for (Blood oxygen, Spo2, oximeter)?


I am trying to add blood oxygen percentage as a complication on my watchface or even just the last measured value.

How can I add Spo2 measurements to the face?

I read somewhere that somethings aren’t allowed to users that aren’t registered with Samsung is this one of them?

How hard is it to get registered? Will I just need to submit my ID or do I need X amount of successful watch faces?

i am also facing the same problem. following your post for solution

Some health items just display the icon. Due to health privacy issue. So far only water counter works for me

I am trying to add blood oxygen percentage as a complication on my watchface or even just the last measured value.

The only thing you can do is add the icon and small text for Blood Oxygen I’m not sure what the text reads if it has the title and number or not. This was added with the latest Health Update.

How can I add Spo2 measurements to the face?

You can’t SpO2 Data is not available. Samsung Health shares data to Wear Health Services for use on the watch and Health Connect for non watch apps. You can see what Data types are shared available in Health Services on this page

If you were to use those Health Services data types then it would not matter what Health App, Samsung or Google) it would all work smoothly.

Having said that not all Data types are available as tags in WFS so you would need to use Android Studio for coding this.

I read somewhere that somethings aren’t allowed to users that aren’t registered with Samsung is this one of them?

Four years ago with Tizen OS there was a Health developer partner program to get access to Samsung Health SDK where you could develop an app and if it was approved you could then publish it. You had to be registered and have a trial app. That is probably what you read. That is not so today.

Now you register with Google for Health Connect and Health Services so your app can be whitelisted.

But for SpO2 you need to be a Samsung Privileged Health Partner and that is limited to US, Korea and EU (I believe) for right now. And that is not for Watch Faces I guess if you wanted to then have it showing on your watch you could create a companion app to do this.

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I appreciate the response but that’s beyond morally wrong… To not give us our own health information… Even if the face wasn’t for my personal use the Spo2 information would only be available to display. If it’s made through the watch face studio of I’m not mistaken there aren’t ways for us to try and steal that information…

What’s even weirder is it’s illegal in the United States to reject a request for health information, the fact Samsung is trying to to is restrict it is ridiculous when a doctor, hospital or clinic cannot. The fact that they are trying to prevent the user/customer or their watch from having easy access to the information isnt a good look.

Samsung trying to use that as a way to lock down the feature to certain developers is just not right…

Especially if we’re building the app inside the Samsung watch face studio…

As to specific parts of your reply I am not understanding since you say it’s possible to put blood oxygen percentage but not Spo2… which is blood oxygen percentage…

Well Spo2 info IS blood oxygen… So if the later parts of your comment are correct then you cannot do this.

Are you saying if I wasn’t using watch face studio I could access the data for Spo2 aka blood oxygen percentage? Like I can access it if I build it in android studio?

Even more confusing so watch faces an integral part of a watch cannot have access…

Also is that even something you can register to be as a simple app/face developer? Like if I’m in the US am I as a stand alone allowed to register for that? If I did would it even allow me to build an app with that Spo2 info in watch face studio or would I have to use Android studio?

This is VERY confusing and convoluted for a simple health metric especially considering we should be able to just add it as a complication… Complications are all pre built in and don’t have much customization…

Not trying to sound unappreciative of the information but I’m very frustrated and confused on this.


First off I apologize, I misunderstood your intent. I thought you wanted to create a complication using the Health Data.

There are two types of complications one is created by the watch face designer based on data supplied from apps or the watch software. In Watch Face Studio you do that in a component such as Ranged Value or Text box.
For example heart rate is shared by Samsung Health (if allowed by the owner of the watch) to Wear OS Health Services app and that data is used by Watch Face Studio. SpO2 is not shared by Samsung Health to Health Services so that data is not available to the end user.

The other one is created by the app creator and is chosen from normal customizations. For example if you add any of the 4 complication slot types depending on what you want it to look like.
For Example if you create a circle complication slot then Samsung Health has created a complication that allows you to open the Blood Oxygen app so you can test your Blood Oxygen level.

Samsung Health does not keep your health information from you. I can think of several reason the percentage is not shown but that would be guessing.

Samsung Health is an app that is on all Samsung Galaxy Watches and Google Health is on Pixel and many other Smart Watches that run Wear OS. Wear Health Services takes the information from the installed health app and provides that information to Wear app developers (who have to apply for permission).

If I have made this more confusing I apologize feel free to ask it over again.

Hope this helps you to understand.

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@r.liechty_SDR , why there is no value at all for these complications only a image short cut (tried all templates) The only three health things that has actually values in the complications are

Steps, hr (with lastest update) , and sleep , water number of cups (lastest update)?

Why is it not shared?

Is that sort of keeping our health information from the wear os? Thought not from us as we can still view in on the phone

Thank you so much for being understanding and the in-depth answer.

I appreciate the diligent reply regardless of whether I’m still upset by the answer isn’t really your fault since it’s accurate information. More Samsung’s fault They should realize we should have the right to our own data.

Like I get that running the blood oxygen sensor repeatedly would drain battery life drastically, but I’d like to select a certain amount of times per day that it would test my blood oxygen while I’m awake. That way maybe I only want three, but I have three tests per day that I could use as an idea of what my blood oxygen is.

So if I’m not mistaken then I should be able to use an existing complication? I asked this because I don’t remember seeing blood oxygen as an option for me to choose in the complications the last time I made one, but I’m going to be testing that out soon so I’ll get back to you on that.

As for using complications, it was kind of disappointed with the existing ones not on my Samsung watch but on my mother’s pixel watch because I couldn’t get them to work properly. They all displayed incorrectly and it was a disaster. For hers I had to make custom complications, I believe by custom complications you mean getting an image or text and then assigning it an app or display value.

I think you have fairly cleared up most of my questions and any confusion from the prior answer with the second reply. Like I said, regardless of whether I like the answer, at least I now fully understand the situation.

Hi here is the blood oxgen complication

But only shows the icon and the text blood oxgen and when u click u can view your blood oxgen

They should realize we should have the right to our own data.

Samsung Health does do this you can see it on the watch’s health app, by tapping on a Health complication or on the Mobile companion health app.

Watch Face Studio is something entirely different, while it is made by Samsung Engineers the app that it creates run on all Wear Devices (API 3.0 nd higher) and cannot make assumptions about the brand of Smart Watch and what that watch supports or not.

I believe by custom complications you mean getting an image or text and then assigning it an app or display value.

Yes that is what I meant by a custom complication it is one that can not be customized with a different complication.

I’d like to select a certain amount of times per day that it would test my blood oxygen while I’m awake.

After doing a bit of reading SpO2 is Passive Data and only updated when tested. (Usually the only time it is automatically tested is before bed time or during sleep if you are doing the sleep program. The Mobile health app says you should resting at least 5 minute prior to it being tested and remain still during the entire testing so I don’t think it is possible to schedule the measurements.

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I believe Steps, HR (can be current or last read out) Sleep and water have cumulative data types

I know that in the Tizen watch faces they removed calories from the display because people confused Active calories (Only when exercising or moving) with all burnt calories (Active and Basal) and the “active measurement” is more obvious in the Health app.

SpO2 and others require measuring and is not ongoing so that confuses people so no read outs.

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@r.liechty_SDR makes sense. Thanks for explaining

Interesting thanks so much for the screenshot I appreciate the effort I’ll try to see if I can add it to any of my customized faces.

It would definitely be possible, what they could do since the watch knows when you’re active is have it start a measurement while you’re stationary for the necessary time.

What I meant by “schedule” is more schedule X measurements a day at any time during the day. So it can take those X measurements WHENEVER it needs to do so but us the users can decide how many we want per day. Personally I’d rather choose a set amount since it would save battery life I don’t think I need it to measure every ten minutes. Personally 5-10 throughout the waking hours would give a decent idea.

Having a schedule in the way I’m saying would allow for the data to be recorded but not kill battery life.

Hi switch to manual. And measured when needed

Ok just saying…but the health app should be the one having the features to schedule, not wfs. Maybe find a 3rd party complication that does that or build one in android studio.

Samsung Health does monitor blood Oxygen level so it is possible to schedule it :slight_smile: but it seems impractical to me.

As @Knightwing there may be a 3rd party health app that does this already.

You could suggest this using the Samsung Members App for feedback
go to and depending on your location
either → Click on Explore Tab → Click on Community
Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the page and under support is a link to the community

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Hi, think there is a silent update in samsung health.
now the bo2 / oxgen complication does update any values but only
the text blood oxgen it works as a shortcut only bummer

wish samsung does not always keep changing their minds.