Body Oxygen

Anyone knows the code for the Body Oxygen? or Body water code?
because I have the Body Oxygen on Samsung galaxy watch 6 face, or could be body water.
Thank you

Hi, no tag for those , complication slot is the only way to get those data.

Do you want to make the watch face using Android Studio? If so, you have to use Samsung Privileged Health SDK. Only partners can use the SDK.

Can I be able to run PROGRESS BAR in the complication?

Hi can only used the default range value complication progress bar… unable to do fancy stuff like your batt progress bar… saldly

you made me laugh so hard, on the fancy stuff words!.. lol… just trying to be better that’s all.
you never know! lol…

so the Body Oxygen either the body water are not exist to choose them in the watch face studio app so I can after implement the progress bars. it’s only located on the watch.
that’s why I was asking for formulas if possible.
is it possible or not?

so u saying impossible, whatever are there.
How come I have on my galaxy watch 6? u think they used Android studio to create that?
thank you so much again. appreciated.

Its impossible with wfs… but you could use android studio etc