Complication "Stress" working for you?

Hey, just a quick question.

When selecting “Stress” from the list of complications on my watch, I don’t see a value but just the word “Stress”. Anyone having the same problem?

Watch face was built with latest WFS version.
Watch: Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 classic



Stress like Blood Oxygen (Sp02) is something that needs to be measured. I didn’t see a way to set it to be recorded at intervals.

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SpO2 is a different complication.
I mean explicit the Stress option. I don’t get a value. So everyone have the same issue?

Sorry for the confusion, I was just pointing out there are other Health complications that don’t have any readouts because they require an action.
I don’t see any way to schedule a stress measurement?

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Stress if defined as per heart rate ranges as bellow
0 to 25 of HR the stress is Resting state
26 to 50 HR : Low stress
51 to 75 HR : Medium stress
76 to 100 HR : High stress

if we generate Tag expressions for Heatrate we can convert the ranges into Strings(words)
eg. if HR is less than or equal to 50 the stress is low otherwise its High then expression will be
([HR]<=50?“Low Stress”:“High Stress”) .It show as Low Stress
such a way we can covert the numeric ranges into String words
for 2 or more condition expression will be
conditional_operation? (a? b: c): (x? y: z)

hi @sharadgondhale As regards the [HR] values, they are not in percentage but range from 0 to 240.
Try to see if the example can be as good as the one attached. Replaces the .zip extension with .wfs (154.7 KB)

Ah ok, I understand you.
But what I don’t understand is that the stress widget on the watch is constantly measuring something. So there is a value, but it is not passed on to the pre-installed complication. The problem reminds me of the Heart Rate complication, where we only saw the word “Heart Rate” instead of a value. (The heart rate issue has been fixed though). Mmmhhh…

I’m not talking about creating a complication using tag expressions.


Thanks it work for me …

The heart rate is continuously measured but when I check the mobile health app the only stress reports I have are for those I initiated them. Do you see a way to schedule them?

You could request this on the Members Community the Health team does get reports when something is requested there.

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I have a complete record of my stress levels on my health app.
You setup the interval on the Health settings directly on the watch or on the Stress Widget settings.

But as I said, Stress does not show a value for any of the possible complications (circle, line, small box, large box). Always just the word “stress”.

So yeah i will open a topic at the Samsung Health section.

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same here @matze_styles4you . I try too but there is no values on which we can define the stess .

I would say you could read it as 0 - 100%.