My Request is rejected i dont know why

Dear Seniors,

I need help and guidance as i used below wall paper rendered by my self in the Bryce and i used icons from free dingbat fonts and only one (Gallery icon) I used from Windows font webdings and make them also 3D and used a boundary ring. so kindly let me know what was the cause of rejection so i will try to avoid that thing next time.


Was this an application for a theme designer? If so it may not be anything you did. Hundreds apply and only a handful are accepted.

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thank you for the reply yes application for a theme designer i made the 3d rendered background by 100% my self and also made the icon in 3d but i did not draw the icons i just used the dingbat fonts to do so.
so please let me know if i just draw the icons and make the changes in current template is it ok to re submit or should i restart from step one ???

You can resubmit the same one but I’d create a second or third one as well.

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thank you sir just one more question i think there was issue of dingbats font which i used for icon am i right ?
moreover i hve seen multiple themes and i found that mostl people us similar icon not much different so if i draw with some thing similar icon it would be ok ?

Yes it is OK but being OK is not going to get you accepted as a Theme Designer. You have to be exceptional you have to have something that stands out from everyone else. Samsung has hundreds of Theme designers they don’t need more they need better more imaginative theme designers.

Samsung Developer Program

Thank you sir,
I will try my level best.