Cannot create native 5.0 or 5.5 project

I’m running Tizen Studio 3.7.

I usually create a new project by selecting “File”, “New”, “Tizen Project”, “Template” and then “Wearable”. When selecting “Wearable v4.0” (which I did to develop for the Samsung Galaxy Watch) I can then on the next screen choose between “Native Application” and “Web Application”.
However when I select “Wearable v5.0” or “Wearable v5.5” (which I was trying to do for the Samsung Galaxy Watch3) I cannot select “Native Application” any more. The selection is fixed to “Web Application”.

Why is this? Does it mean we cannot develop Tizen 5.0 or 5.5 native apps?

Please share the screenshots along with the problem with us.
Moreover, please check whether you’ve properly installed the packages for Wearable 5.0 from the Package Manager of Tizen Studio.

Thank you!

It was indeed just that: I forgot to install the SDK using the Package Manager. The issue is solved, thanks for pointing that out!