VS new project with version 4.0

I just installed Visual Studio 2019 Community to my mac. It works now, but I want to create project with Tizen version 4.0, but only options are 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 for new project. My Galaxy Watch runs version 4.0, so I need to make proper project. How can I do it?

latest version is Tizen Studio 4.1.1
Check to see if the wearable Extension is enable in the Package manager → Extension SDK settings.

I’ve seen this issue before when you aren’t updating a version but doing a fresh install for Smart TV.
If that doesn’t let you download the older versions let us know.

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I have Tizen Studio 4.1.1 and I can test run native app on my watch with no problem there.

My problem is that I can not do the same in Visual Studio 2019 running .NET project. If its working in Tizen Studio then my setup should be ready for VS IDE too. But I can not create tizen os 4.0 project in Visual Studio. The minimum version it offers to me is 5.0 or higher.

I can only program in C# and I have Galaxy Watch with tizen 4.0. So I need VS IDE to develop an app which supports Tizen 4.0 operating system.

Please open a **

developer support request

** on this issue. I don’t use the command line tools myself but I’ve never heard of this issue. Perhaps they can help.

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