Which Tizen version (and path) should I pick?

Good Morning. It appears I am somewhat lost. I’m currently trying to develop a watch face. I’m currently trying both Web and Native, and admittedly, this would be my first Tizen Project. However, I’m lost in which version of Tizen I should pick.

To give a bit of context, I designed a Watchface prior in Watchmaker. (I can provide a link if desired) But sadly, I noticed a few issues. So I decided I would remake said watchface as a Tizen watchface instead. I’m a halfway in design on the web version, but after seeing some presentations I noticed it takes significantly more resources than a native or C# app, and for something such as a watchface, one of the goals for me was to consume as little power as possible. So I started a native version, and I’ll be toying with that soon.

Now where I’m a bit stuck is, for the Native API, the Calendar access (which is sadly not available in the watch designer program) appears to be available on Tizen 5.5 but not on 4.0. I personally own an Watch Active 2, which is running Tizen (or the R820XXU1BTD3 update), as a newcomer I’m assuming this is just Tizen 4. Please do correct me if I’m incorrect.

Edit; I’m seeking the Calendar access because I would like to display the event data (Name, Start & End time)

That being said. Is the Web Application format resource heavy even in a watchface? Or should I move to C# or Native?
Thank you in advance.

It depends on API you want to use in your app. If you don’t need support for last APIs you can even use old API. The most watches support API 4+. However, if you like to support old ones like Gear S2 you have to start since Tizen 2.3.2.

Tizen 5.x is not supported yet. Probably will be soon with new incoming devices. We will see. So far Tizen 4.x.x rules among watches :slight_smile:

I hope it helps you a little.

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I had thought I had replied. I apologize for the delay!
Thanks a lot for this! It really clears a lot.

Is there a list of additional API we can used for Tizen 4 (for web developer)? If there is a good feature I would like to migrate from Tizen 2.3.2 to 4.

Seems like the only reason to go Tizen 4 right now is to use C# and Microsoft tools? https://developer.tizen.org/tizen/tizen/tizen-4.0

Hello, here you find what new came with Tizen 4.0 https://docs.tizen.org/application/web/api/4.0/device_api/wearable/index.html

and remember: compiling with tizen 4.0 requires to handle runtime permissions by your app. So if you don’t need to use features from 4.0+ you are free to use tizen < 4.0.

I hope it helps you a little to take correct decision.

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