Can't download Tizen SDK 5.5

Hello everyone,

I’m new here. I downloaded the Tizen Studio from Tizen site. I run the Platform manager, but no TV packages were visible and in the options field, when I tried to update Samsung TV Extentions, I got an error, that the package repo is unavailable. Next I went to the Samsung site to download the Tizen 5.5 SDK (for my private TV) for Ubuntu x64 (my laptop) I got a site with Error 403.

Please help me with installing the 5.5 SDK.

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I’m also having the same issue, even with the current SDK extensions (TV 6.0).

I see a new Tizen 6 TV Extension Image is on our site Jan 4, 2021 which is why the URL is bad for Tizen 5.5

I downloaded and tried to update it manually by adding the extension but it is giving me problems. I think we just need to wait for them to fix this next week. if it isn’t working on Monday respond here and we can open a bug report with

Samsung Developer Program

I have the same problem. I think because Samsung close services of Samsung Cloud, when all previous versions are saved.