Unable to install Samsung Certificate Extension

I am unable to install the Samsung Certificate Extension today. It is not included in the Package Manager -> Extension SDK list and it is not available for direct download from this location https://developer.samsung.com/sdk-manager/repository/tizen-certificate-extension_2.0.11.zip as indicated by instructions on this page https://developer.samsung.com/SmartTV/develop/getting-started/setting-up-sdk/installing-tv-sdk.html#installing-required-extensions




I’m having the same issue, tried changing the URL to other versions but it did not work.

Message from sun1580400461 is phishing

Certificate extension is still not available.

The new Tizen Studio IDE has it in the extension manager in the extras, you expand the extentions for the Tizen 5.5 TV extensions and the Samsung Certificate Extension

The Galaxy Watch Tizen Certification documentation has newer documentation and I think that will work for you.

Hope this helps, let us know and I can request the documentation be updated.

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It appears even the latest version, listed at https://developer.samsung.com/sdk-manager/repository/tizen-certificate-extension_2.0.42.zip is not available.
This is coming directly from https://download.tizen.org/sdk/tizenstudio/official/extension_info.xml


The lastest version of Tizen Studio IDE does not show up the Samsung Certificate Extension.

Here’s a screenshot:

If I then go to the settings and activate the extension:

I get an error saying that it cannot connect to the URL:

And the URL in fact returns a 404 not found.
Can we get an update on what URL to use please?

Thank you.

I was informed there was a migration in the URL and that it has been reported and should be fixed shortly.

We apologize for the inconvenience.
Samsung Developer Program Team


I’m new the forum and am having the same issue. Do you know how much longer it will be? No rush, just not sure how often to check back.

I’m also experiencing the same issue, hoping that the fix doesn’t take too long. Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi I have been having the same problem for past three days. Thank you in advance for fixing this.

tambien tengo el mismo problema no han dando información de cuando sera solucionado

I got this prob. fix.

Thank you

Thanks for This, I Try after conform

-Guno Shah

And now i have another problem


The zip archive is corrupt / invalid. I cannot be opened.

Same here, able to download the package but it is invalid.

Thanks everyone for your patience,

I’ve notified our Tizen expert in support.

Samsung Developer Program

and this repository link should work now.


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I’m still not able to install the extension. I have the latest Tizen studio version and if I go to the package manager and activate the extension (that uses the HTTPS URL) it throws an error saying that “The extension image file is not valid or deleted”. And if I add a new custom extension pointing to the HTTP URL you provided, I get an error saying “Cannot connect the download URL of target”.