Can't find weather in default provider list

Hello I’m designing my watch face for my watch 6, I choose line or cercle complication and after I tired to choose weather from default provider list but I don’t find it in the list.
I’m using watch face studion 1.6.9.

The weather is not there in WFS. But you can add weather after creating the watch face with a complication from watch.

I’m realy disappointed, why we cannot add the feature during the conception the watch face when we can add it after.

Pretty sure it is because WFS is free and weather access is not. The work around for this is for the end user to use their weather license from their phone through complications that they can set on the watch.

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it is as available so it should be there

This is new feature, for WFF version 2, which is for Wear OS 5, still in beta.
WFS V1.6.9 for Wear OS 4, WFF version1.

Please correct me if I’m wrong.