Weather as a complication not able to get selected within WFS


Is there a way to have the weather complication pre selected from within the watch face studio?

I only get to select a bunch of complications but the weather is not there as an option and the only way to have the weather is to set it to something different from WFS for example sunset/sunrise time and then change it through the watch’s interface.

Also i saw somewhere the mention of the chance of rain, how to we manage this? is there a tag of some sort?

Thanks in advance.

The only way WFS can include complications is if they public and available on all devices… Since Wear OS Powered by Samsung is a new version of Wear OS not all complications are available. Some are only going to be available when the end user selects to customize their watch faces.

You can add an action to open app and the end user can select an app that way.

current tag expressions are listed HERE

There should be additional ones as WFS and WearOS Powered by Samsung mature.

Samsung Developer Relations

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