Weather, where can we find it and will it work along with fitness

Hello, i would like to ask, where can we find the weather complications and will it be able to work along with fitness complication such as steps and HR

Currently WearOS Powered by Samsung does not work with weather API. I’ll be collecting feature requests in a week or so.

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Hi Ron,

To clarify, does this mean that there will be no available watch faces with weather information available on the WearOS Samsung platform? Or is there no access to that API within the Face Studio tool?

Will the WearOS Samsung watches be able to install watch faces currently existing on the play store?

Thanks for clarification.

As far as I can tell, No version of WearOS supports weather complications I assume they just expect you to open the Google Weather instead. I may have missed it but In the unpacked showing of Watch4 I did not notice weather in any preinstalled versions.

WearOS powered by Samsung only runs on Galaxy Watch4 and is not compatible with older Android versions.

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Hi Ron!

Weather is a very important feature, users around the world were constantly asking to add an active weather indicator to fitness, three years ago on the Gear s3. Everyone will be only happy if the new Galaxy Watch 4 has such a function for creating in WatchFaceStudio

Thank you my friend!


I’m a little confused. I unpacked the Watch 4 Classic and a few of the preinstalled watch faces did have the weather complication. I realize it is not in the GUI for the WFS, but at least it is functioning on Wear OS.

Hi in the first stage of the new software to create watch face there is no complication of the weather, but a solution that has worked for me was to install the watch face on my watch 4, you can exchange the battery complication for the weather and so on. Well you can do even with shotcuts. It is the same as it appears in the presentation.

Licensing was the big hang up for individual designers/developers for the Tizen watches. I’ve requested this for a feature enhancement hopefully it is possible with Android.

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