Can't get magnetic sensor data

I wrote a native service app to collect all sensor data from my Galaxy Watch Active 2 and save them in a file at 50Hz. However, I could only get the accelerometer and gyroscope data logged but no other sensors such as magnetic sensor, orientation sensor, etc. Is this a problem on these sensors in my watch or is this a known issue that these sensors just don’t work on Active 2?

hey even i am facing the same issue in a different way

I am trying to make a face in watch face studio for my galaxy watch 4 to have a compass type index like in the pro analogue watch face
reference in pic. also finding a good compass index

check if you have all the permission and if they are granted…

ps. watch active 2, and others with tizen os, does not have magnetic sensor

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there is no tag available for compass on wfs, only on native

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My Watch5 Pro does not have that compass it has the indexes but the poles (N E S W) are missing :frowning: That is a nice looking feature.

As @dect pointed out this is not available for WFS because not all Wear 3 devices have a compass.

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Hey what about the magnetic sensor in Watch active 2? Is it also not available? I see it in the documentation!


In the Tizen documentation it looks like it has been in since Tizen 2.3 but in the Samsung Specs it says

  • Sensor Type
    Accelerometer, Barometer, Gyro Sensor, HR Sensor, Light Sensor, ECG Sensor

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Its right there
apply the analogue pro watch face
press it to get the edit/customize menu
there would be a customization for index it
there are 2 of them one is simple and the other one with compass poles which uses magnetic sensor data and acts like a compass index

You are correct, and I stand corrected. I didn’t try customizing it. Someone else pointed this out to me.