Can't import fonts, can't import images, projects don't load

Hello. Every time I’m trying to import a TTF font into the Digital Clock properties, nothing happens. The import dialog box just disappears and the font isn’t there.

The bitmap fonts work, but I can’t seem to be able to change its size. It just appears huge and nothing in the properties section seem to correspond to the font’s size.

Another problem is importing images (backgrounds and so on). I’m able to do it once I start a new project on a freshly installed GWS, but when I close it and try to open the saved project I get a Java.Lang.Null error. Then, when I start a new project, I’m not able to import anything really. Same as the font - the dialog box disappear and nothing happens. The stock images that come with the program work just fine, I’m just not able to import my images (whether it’s a png, jpg or psd - nothing works).

It just looks like the GWS is broken and it’s not running correctly on my PC. I’ll be grateful for any ideas.


Bitmaps can not be resized you have to create them the pixel size you need.

For java.null pointer error it is a missing or corrupted file.
Make a copy of your .gwd file and rename it .zip so you can open it with file manager
Now look at the resource.xml file and see if there are resource listed that are not in your gwd(zip) folder.

Have you read the FAQ 10 on installing a Font and are they TTF packages.

Are these Fonts and images on the cloud or on the Hard Drive, if they are on a cloud try adding them directly to the workspace as suggested in the FAQ.

In your Edit > Preferences look and see what the file location is. Again if it is a cloud location that may be a problem.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply!

I have read the FAQ regarding fonts and unfortunatelly, when I try to drag & drop the TTF file into the workspace the program won’t let me do it (the cursor is in a shape of a crossed circle and dropping it does nothing). I tried it with different TTF fonts. Nothing is in a cloud location, my project is in C:/Users folder, and my images are located on a different hard drive.

It sounds like there is not permission to write to your USER Folder and that is why GWS is not saving files correctly. Did you install GWS as an administrator of the computer, you need to install it as an individual user.

For the Fonts add them to
C:\Program Files\Galaxy Watch Studio\Font and they should show up in the list with the other installed fonts. That might work.
Move the images to the Galaxy Watch Studio\Res folder with the preinstalled images and see if that works.

As for the Java Null Pointer Errors if you It may be easier to start a new project than try to fix the bad .gwd file.

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