Can't "run on device" my WF

Hi everyone. After updating the WFS to 1.4.20 on my Mac, I have faced an issue that I do not understand. When I try to “run on device” using wi-fi debugging as always, I see my watch appears in the list of connected devices, but I can’t select them because they’re kind of inactive (gray).

Resetting the network settings and rebooting all devices does not help. API 28.

Who knows what it is and how to solve the problem?

Your watch is probably Wear 2 API 28
Watch Face Studio v1.3.13 supported Wear 2 API 28+ and Wear 3 API 30
Watch Face Studio v1.4.20 supports Wear 3 API 30 and Wear 4 API 33

If you search the forum you will find a way to download the older Watch Face Studio 1.3.13 if you don’t still have it in your download file.

Samsung Developer Relations

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