Suunto7 greyed in Run on device


Since the latest version (updated today), when I want to “Run on device”, my watch is recognized but greyed, so I can’t “Run on device”!
Build is OK (named Publish now).
No problem with 1.3.13 that I have reinstalled.

I’ve already built more or less 20 watchfaces (inspired with real dials or modified pics, with some brand/personal pics etc.)

If you have some ideas about this problem and how I can sole it, I take :wink:
Thanks for your help

Hi. I’m not sure but does Suunto7 have Wear OS 3?

Watch faces created with WFS 1.4.19 will only work on API 30+ devices (Wear OS 3 and up)


I’ve checked and it’s 2.31 :frowning:
That’s the reason.

I’ll keep my “old” 1.3.13

Thank you so much