CardDAV: Move contacts between accounts

CardDAV: Moving contacts between accounts

== Initial situation
One or more contacts are moved from one account to another.

== Expected behavior
After syncing again, the contacts should have been removed from the first account.

Actual behavior:
The contact details are still available in both the first and second accounts.

== Guess:
Internally, “moving” is probably a “copying followed by deletion”. The contact is probably only removed locally from one account, but the “dirty flag” is not set internally for this deleted contact. As a result, synchronization apps like DAVx5 are not aware that something has changed (=the contact was deleted) and cannot synchronize this change to the server. If the address book is completely resynchronized again, the deleted contact will be back.

Is the issue Samsung restricted? If yes, we need to analyze the issue.
You can report the issue to Developer Support with below information:

  1. Steps to reproduce the issue with Sample application
  2. Dumpstate log

Shamima Nasrin
Samsung Developer Program