What if DUNS is not submitted or verified by Mar 1, 2023

I’ve been asked by many people what will happen if their DUNS is not submitted or accepted by March first.

I was instructed to assure sellers that the Galaxy Store operation will not suddenly suspend the apps and delete the seller account, and that it will be processed after sufficient communication.

My personal advice is to be sure your email is current and checked as well as Seller Portal notifications.

Samsung Developer Relations


Will it be allowed to release updates for already published apps?

Not until you are validated. Since you are in Standby status you should change status or be notified soon.


Ok. Thanks a lot, Ron!

wait, “delete the seller account”? Like, I have one android app and a couple of tizen apps, if I dont submit an DUNS for the android distribuition i might lose my account? I thought it was just for the “android”

There were some Android sellers that were specifically worried about their account being deleted.

I know that there are inactive accounts that haven’t been touched in many years those might be removed. The only other accounts that have been forfeited (legal wording) that I know of were due to IP infringement.

You don’t need to worry about it as a Watch Face seller.

Samsung Developer Relations

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