Contacts are not showing in the Samsung Contacts app

Contacts synced from Custom Account are not showing in the Samsung Contacts app.
It happen on Samsung devices running Android 11 with August 2021 security patch.

We try to use Google Contacts app, contacts are show very well.

Are any update?

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Thank you for participating in the Samsung Developer Forum. However, this is not the correct forum for end product bug reports, questions or concerns. This forum is for 3rd party developer issues.

I would recommend you post at → Click on Explore Tab → Click on Community.

Samsung Developer Program

I’m a developer working on a 3rd party app with a ContactProvider. And our users are also facing this issue.
Contacts provided by our app are shown in Google Contacts app but not in Samsungs Contact app since the August security 2021 patch.
From our side we did not yet find the root cause why our contacts are not working with your Samsung Contact app. Therefore it would be great if you could share some information what the security patch changed. Especially in regards to Contacts Provider or any related security policy changes.

Any hints would be appreciated.

Hi Sheil,

Since you are asking as a developer. I will see if I can reach out to someone but I rarely have luck as I’m in the sales and service Department not Manufacturing.

Hopefully someone else will respond

Samsung Developer Relations

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@r.liechty_SDP Have you been lucky and found someone to ask someone about this issue?

@all Or is there some one else who knows what changed in regards to the Samsung Contact app or Security with the August security patch?

Sorry but I had no luck at least no replies.

Samsung Developer Relations

We are also experiencing the same problem. The Google Contacts app will list our custom Account Contacts as well as a few others however, the Samsung contacts app will no longer display these custom Account contacts. I can also confirm it is related to a recent security patch as it worked perfectly up until about a month ago.

With the latest Samsung Update the issue is not appearing anymore.
Would have been great to know what caused this, but it seems, at least for us, to be fixed now.

Same issue on my Samsung galaxy S10 and Samsung note 20 phones since july

Same issue I am facing. Samsung Contacts / SMS / Phone apps were not detecting contacts written by my application after August update. I was in communication with the team, shared with them required data and they mentioned the bug should be fixed with Contact & Phone v12.7.05.35/ ContactProvider v12.7.51.

Hello, were these already released? I can’t find them on the Samsung App Store. Thanks