CCW Bug When Using Watch Hands With Rotate Values > 1?

I wonder if this issue is a bug wth GWS or with my Active2. If I design watch hands to sync as Second in Minute, and set the rotate property > 1, and use CW setting, then the hands spin around more quickly the higher the rotate setting is. But with the same watch hands when set in CCW mode, the hands look good in the GWS preview window, but the Active2 watch keeps the sweep motion as a setting of 1 rather than, say 12. Is this sluggishness of CCW a bug in the GWD?

This is a known bug with sweep motion it seems to work correctly with normal setting. I don’t know if this is a software issue or GWS Issue.

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Thanks for the reply. I had to just flip the image to go CW for the sweep motion.